Introducing Shari Bare Pet Photography in Austin, Texas and Beyond!

Day 1 of self-employment!!! Huge smiley face here 🙂 and on my face. This has been a long time coming. I’ve thought about it, and over thought about it, for at least the last two years. But I’m happy and proud to say that I’m officially launching Shari Bare Photography {for pets and their people}! Shari Bare Pet Photography is located in beautiful and pet-friendly Austin, Texas but I will be photographing all around Texas, the United States, and hopefully the world!

Shari Bare Austin Pet Photography
One of my favorite photos of Ruby. I can practically smell her warm fur. She spent hours looking out this window in our old house in Berkeley, California.

I’m going to take my time to build the right kind of pet photography business. A business that’s all about making people and their pets smile 🙂 The kind of business I would want to photograph my furry family. Because that’s really how this all started. I fell in love with the world’s sweetest dog, a dark chocolate chihuahua-mix named Ruby Jean. She came into my life and changed it forever. I am so lucky that I got to spend 10 years with her. And while there is no possible way I would ever forget her, I cherish the photographs and artwork I have of her so much. They are truly my most prized possessions.

If I want to you to know anything, it’s that if you choose me to photograph your pet I will treat them with the same love and respect as I do my own. In fact, the biggest risk is me trying to leave with them 🙂 Nothing matters more than their safety but I promise we’ll also have lots of fun!

I’m busy building out my new website, which will have my awesome – if I do say so myself 😉 pet photography portfolio, pricing information, and more about the experience of working with Shari Bare Photography. It will be up by July 13th, but please feel free to contact me in the meantime: (512) 273-7177 or

AUSTIN PET PHOTOGRAPHY { for pets & their people }